LEGAL Services provides a full range of asset protection and estate planning on-line from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, through secure virtual conferencing and encrypted document vaults.  Contact us to create corporations and other legal entities, draft prenuptial agreements, trusts and wills, transfer property, and maximize your estate through tax planning.

estate planning

asset protection

The objective of asset protection is to protect assets from general creditors, other than creditors of the entity holding the asset.  Generally the ownership of an asset is placed into a legal entity, such as a corporation, limited liability company or trust.  The owners of the entity will not be responsible for the liabilities of the entity and vice-versa (except in very limited cases of fraud or concealment).  In asset protection transactions, the ownership may also be confidential.  Prenuptial agreements are another form of asset protection which must be entered into prior to a new marriage.

The objective of estate planning is to create a legacy to benefit the second and third generation, and beyond. Estate planning tools include creating trusts, wills and other ownership vehicles. Estate planning may extend to education trusts and special interest trusts for pets and other targeted groups. Estate planning is also intended to avoid many of the delays of probate court proceedings and inheritance taxesNews accounts state that Prince died without a will, this is called Intestate, and will result in costly legal fees and delays to the distribution of his estate. Unfortunately, the cost and uncertainty could have been avoided if Prince had created a will or trust. Contact us, your legacy planner!

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